Summer Solstice 2014 – A Dad and Lad Microadventure

Saturday had dawned bright and sunny. The bags were packed and ready to go. One for Dad and one for Lad. It was time for a microadventure.

We waited until the end of the afternoon, then headed north to Dartmoor for The Lad’s first experience of microadevnturing.  


Standard equipment for any microadvanture is, of course, a luxury item. 

I opted for a pillow. 

The Lad opted for a lightsabre.

 The Force is strong in this one as he leads the way.

After some time The Lad decided he needed to be more nimble. 
I acquire his bag to carry as well as mine. 
All is well. I get to carry the extra weight, but I also get to have a go with the lightsabre. 


Great rocks block our path, but The Lad leads us successfully through the boulder field.

The sky shows a lot more blue than it did a year ago.

Eventually, well after normal bed time, The Lad finds his home for the night.

 And the sun starts to set



So, the longest day ends and the shortest night begins 
Next day, we are up just after 5am. It is time to read while sitting on a rock.

 Our bed for the night. PADI SCUBA divers are taught “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but bubbles”. We leave nothing but slightly trampled grass. 

 As the new day dawns, The Lad heads up the next hill



 An interesting addition to a dry stone wall

 The road leads us back to Belstone

Fueled by M&M’s, the breakfast of choice.


A fitting end to our little adventure.
Refreshed, thrilled and invigorated with the spirit of microadventure.

The next one is already being planned.