Who Am I?

I am a middle-aged, bald bloke from Devon.

Years ago, I rock climbed, paddled a kayak, backpacked, cycle toured and SCUBA dived. The frequency of these adventures declined over time and nowadays, I content myself with some smaller adventures and things related to adventures. Many of these have been inspired by the Microadventures of Alastair Humphreys .

I love the idea that, with the right attitude in mind, “adventure is out there”; so that’s what I try to do. I hope you will too.

Why Moorish Microadventures?

Being lucky enough to live in Devon, nestled between Dartmoor and the sea, as I drive to work I can see the sun glinting off the sea (because the sun always shines in Devon). As I drive home, Dartmoor comes into view on he hozrizon; a wild and wonderful place, ripe for adventures.


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