A ridgeline amble

Two week ago, I took my daughter and her Panda on their first microadventure on Dartmoor.

Two years previously, we complete our first family microadventure, whcih took place a year before that the first Dad and Lad microadventure complete with light-sabre!


Last weekend, was my chance to visit some of the places we’d used for these outings during a very pleasant ridge line amble about some of Dartmoor’s northern Tors.

Following the path where we camped for our family microadventure two years ago, I made my way along the ridge over Belstone Common.


Past the site of the first Dad and Lad microadventure.

Next, I stopped at Oak Tor to cook a meal, a delicious homemade concoction of cous-cous and polenta, flavoured with a spiced olive oil. Something to savour in the sunshine, in complete contrast to my last visit to this tour during a mid-winter trip in December, three years ago, when the overnight the temperature dropped to -8 degrees C.

After, I continued my way south, I collected water from gorge, which i managed to cross keeping my feet dry, before climbing Sterpton Tor, making camp just as the sun set spectacularly to the South.

The moon that night was spectaculalry full, but sadly few stars could be seen because of the cloud, nevertheless,by morning, The sun rose next morning just after 4am and I was up not long after.

Dropping down into the valley, I crossed eh rover by the ruins of the old tinner’s hut before climbing up to Hound Tor and Cosdon Hill, then heading back to the car a Belstone.

A lovely quick and rewarding trip.


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