Making my own gear

After having altered my tarp to make it bug proof last year, I have decided to make a couple of new pieces of gear in the coming months.

The first is a bivy bag to use under the tarp – my Tyvek groundsheet last year proved virtually useless in handling wet ground in Scotland, Also one night I woke up feeling chilly as the wind direction had changed, blowing the cold draft into the front of the tarp.

Thus, the bivy will have a bathtub groundsheet with a Pertex type material top. Waterproof/breathable material at the head and foot will stop my sleeping bag bumping into the tarp sides when I roll over in the night and a panel of bug-netting will hopefully block out the bug when I sleep out in the open.

The second item will be a backpack. I’ve been coveting both the Palante Packs Simple Pack and zPacks Arc Blast for a while now, so plan to make something that will be a bit of both of these. I want to be able to use it with a frame when I’m carrying a bigger load, but I’m equally keen to be able to strip it down and use it frameless for shorter trips.

My timescales for these projects are fairly open, but I’m looking forward to getting busy.



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