(Not) West Highland Way – Day 1 Garadbhan Forest to Rowendenan

Woke up at dawn to watch the sun come up. It was great to be able to stay in my sleeping bag, peeking under the sides of the tarp.My main problem was that my feet were killing me. Closer examination made the cause clear – two gigantic blisters which covered the ball of each foot.

My first aid kit came out for what would be the first of many airings as I attended to these two delights, cleaning the area, lancing the blisters, then putting a Compeed dressing over it.

I hobbled around and packed my things away, then set out walking, each step causing feeling like I was being stabbed in the sole of my foot.

Two hours later, I collected water from a stream, then stopped beside the path to make coffee and eat breakfast, followed by a snooze.

So northward towards the unmistakable profile of Conic Hill.

I detoured the 100 m or so off the trail to climb to the summit of Conic Hill to properly take in the fantastic view.

Thence, onward to Balahama for an ice-cream before following the path north along the lochside.



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