(Not) The West Highland Way – Day 0

Set out from home in South Devon at 0900 to catch two buses, a plane, another bus and then a train.



At 1700, I’m in Milngavie, ready to start the WH Way. welcome

The path heads north and you are soon walking through a country park, heading through the Kyber Pass.khyber-pass

Apart from signs, the route ahead was pretty clear – easy to follow, but tough on the feet.


After the country park, the first glimpses of the highlands appears on the horizon


The route continued onwards, mainly following very obvious tracks, paths and roads

Just before 10pm, I arrived at Garadbhan Forest, 14 miles of the trail completed. Being so far north, there was still plenty of light to get my tent set up; nevertheless, camping sites were not exactly abundant, so I wandered off a side trails and pitched on the first flat spot, feet and shoulders aching and ready for some sleep.



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