Making meals

It’s time to get my meals ready. For my (Not) the WHW walk, I based my meals on the Groovy Biotic recipes from Mike Clelland!. You’ll need a subscription to to read the article, but it’s well worth looking at (Related comments thread  here).

Basically breakfast will be will either be oatmeal topped with a squirt of SuperSpakcle or museli and hot chocolate powder. In each case, I have allowed 4 ozs of dried food for breakfast.

I’ll then snack on bars, GORP, crushed tortilla ships (i.e. Frittos for US readers), nuts and dried fruit to keep me going for until dinner time.

For evening meals (or tea as I like to call it), I am avoiding expensive Mountain House style meals instead, making my own Groovey Biotoic combos:

  • Polenta and cous-cous combo with spice olive oil
  • Pasta with dried pesto sauce and spiced olive oil
  • Dehydatey sweet potatoes with Thai Peanut sauce
  • Ramen Noodles with Thai Peanut Sauce

Dinners consist of 4.5 oz of dried food and 1.5 oz of sauces, which are carried in 250ml Coke bottles which look to be the perfect size.

After prepping everything, I bagged it up in zip-locks into meal sized portions and I am ready to go.

Food for 6 days, fresh fruit not included!



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