Tarp changes complete!

After what seems like an age, I have finally completed the changes I had planned for my tarp. The shelter now has a bug net floor and door with a rainbow entry zip, turning a basic tarp-tent into a shelter that I hope will keep the evil midges at bay.


I have also added extra reinforcement to the guying points and switched these over to line-locks and cord, which I much prefer to the standard strap and buckle system.


The front door’s guy now uses side-release line-locks rather than a fiddly plastic clip and Prusik knotted loop which makes it far easier to adjust.


Finally, to provide more security in bad weather, I have also added extra guying webbing loops as corner and centre guying points and an extra guy rope. This runs inside from the peak, down the centre of the back panel to the centre rear peg and I hope will reduce the amount the back panel deflects in windy weather. It also provides a convenient loop to clip the groundsheet to, allowing the back of the groundsheet to be raised as a wind break, when the need arises.





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