Deschutes tarp mods

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I planned to make a lightweight shelter of my own design. I used SketchUp to produce the initial designs on the computer, then spent a considerable amount of time working out the the best sequence for making the shelter.

My next step, was to start making a prototype using an old builder’s tarp to check that both the design was right and that my manufacturing process would work. Building the prototype confirmed my worry that I would not have time to complete the project before heading up to Scotland later this year to walk the West Highland Way. My other worry was would I succeed? I had used a sewing machine at school, (ahmmm) few years ago, but apart from buttons have sewn nothing since.

So, I moved to plan B and bought a Six Moon Designs Deschutes tarp, which looks a bit like this

I am currently modifying the tarp a little, to change the guying arrangments as I don’t like the strap and buckle system it uses.. I am also adding a bug net floor and door zPacks Hexamid style.

Things are progressing well and I am quite looking forward to my new cover from the sky; a phase which made me think of this song.



2 thoughts on “Deschutes tarp mods

  1. I feel similarly about your mod ideas! Hows it going so far?
    I’d prefer just plain loops for my own guy line and the zipper omitted in lieu of clips. I was going to use the STS Nano burnet for meeting and a simple polygro groundsheet, for a complete system.


  2. Hi Michael
    Thanks for dropping by. The mods were completed some time back and have worked well. I have a half-drafted post, which details what I did and how I did it. I will be posting this to the blog within the day or so. Hope that helps



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