An early morning stroll

By morning the rain had stopped. Back home, in the “real world”, I usually hate getting up in the morning, but camping out, I have no problem getting up early. At 5am, I went for a walk while the others slept. I love the early mornings, feeling the chill of the wind, watching the clouds roll in.


Who needs TV when you have all this to watch?

Back to the tents and by 6 am everybody is up.


After striking camp before heading back to the car, which takes us to a cafe for breakfast. Summer Solstice 2015, a family #microadventure. Done!



Dad and Lad, Mum and Lass – Summer Solstice #microadventrue 2015

I had planned to plan this little trip properly. But,Saturday afternoon found me frantically squeezing three sleeping bags and three pads into my new rucksack – The Mum would carry her own. At half the size and a third of the weight of Behemoth, the gear fitted into my new pack; just!

Once more, Behemoth would stay in the loft.


After a burger and chips for tea, we arrived at Belstone, the scene of last year’s outing with the Lad.


Notice the lightsabre; an essential item for the microadventurer!

As we climbed up towards the top of the Tor,the wind picked up and the skies darkened; rain looked imminent.


With rain forecast, we had brought along the tents, so while the adults set up camp, the children played until it was time for bed as the first of the rain clouds passed over.


We soon fell asleep to the quiet pitter-patter of the rain.


Meet Behemoth

Post before the weekend

This is Behemoth. Her colour gives the game away; I bought Behemouth in the 1990s wanting a backpack that could carry all my backpacking and rock-climbing gear. As the decades have passed my pack size has shrunk and Behemoth gathered dust in the attic.


Occasional forays into daylight saw her  working as a “haul-sack” on those occasions when I needed to lug around a big load. Supermarket shopping and trips to the beach became her usual fare.

With the Summer Solstice #microadventure coming up, I thought it would be time to get Behemoth out once more. Weighing in at a rather portly 2.7 kg – unloaded – her last outing took place on June 21st 2014, when she carried our gear for our most excellent Dad and Lad Microadventure.

But since then she has sat in the loft waiting for this day of days.  But this may change soon, with the approach of the epic 2015 “Dad and Lad, Mum and Lass #micoadventure” to see in the summer Solstice of 2015.