Rain never bothered me anyway….

I had fallen asleep last night to the sound of rain and woke up to the same. During the night the noise of the wind blasting along the valley I was camped in made some fantastic sounds as the gusts blasted along the valley, sounding like a jet plane flying past at low-level.

Packing up, I decided to climb to the top of the valley to see what I could see.


Having taken in the view, it was time to head back towards Lydford.


It was out there somewhere!


It was a great day for navigation for knowing how to use a map and compass. After walking for two hours with little visibility, I decided I wanted to confirm my¬†position. Out with the ‘phone and on with its GPS. I was delighted to find that the GPS confirmed my position as exactly where I thought I had been. My map reading skills originally learnt in the Scouts had done me proud


Getting back to Lydford, the rain abated,just in time for me to get back to the car and head home, stopping on the way for the obligatory fry-up.

So that’s May’s microadventrue squeezed in.

‘Til next month and the Summer Solstice.


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