Cous-cous and Polenta Combo for tea

Some time ago, I read the book Ultralight Backpackin’ Tips. I enjoyed it and learned a lot.

The fantastic book Ultralight Backpackin’ Tips and its equally fantastic author, Mr `Mike Clelland.

Having tried out many of the ideas from the book, for this trip, I had decided that it was time to give one of its recipes a go. Embracing my inner nerd, the previous evening, I had dutifully weighed out the ingredients for Cous-cous and Poletna Combo to the nearest gram. I also made up a knocked of Spiced Olive Oil dressing, putting this into an old whiskey miniature bottle, double bagging this in case of a leaks.

If truth be told, the yellow mixture in the zip-lock had not sent my heat a racing. So, at 8 pm that Saturday night, after a bracing walk across the moors, I had boiled up some water on my trusty cat can stove (using a ground pad to protect the ground from burns).


I gingerly mixed this into the yellow concoction, before dumping this into my pot cozy to let things develop.

A five-minute snooze later, I added the oil and tucked in.

It did not last long……

It was delicious.

I hear you ask “How does one create this ambrosia of the Gods?

With care and a recipe from that wonderful book“, I answer.

Seek and ye shall find. Alternately; buy the book.

PS I have no connection with the book or the author; although I feel a distinct affinity to this delightful dish. And that the author mentioned above has a cool hair-cut; just like mine!


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