April amble #microadventure

As part of the Year of Microadventures, the plan was to go out for a little trip each month. Year of Microadvantures graphic

Unfortunately outings in January and February did not happen, but with successful “events” in March and April, as end of May rapidly approached, I had to get one in quickly to hit my self-imposed deadline. The weather forecast was for significant rain on Saturday night/Sunday, so my tent’s fly-sheet came along for the ride and with my bag packed, I headed over to park in Lydford, before climbing Brat Tor.


In her song Wuthering Heights, Kate Bush sings about being “Out on the wiley, windy moors” and for this trip, the moors certainly proved to be both wiley and, dare I say, windy.


I cut across the moor NW toward High Wilhays, passing Bleak House and Kitty Tor before crossing the West Oakment River at Sandy Ford turning left toward my destination, Black-a-Tor Copse.


By that stage, the rain had set in, so I was grateful for having some overhead cover as I set up camp in the woods.

According to VisitDartmoor.co.uk Black-a-Tor Copse is one of the best examples of high altitude oak woodland in Britain. The lichens and mosses that drape the trees are nationally important and grow here in this unique clean air woodland. Situated on Dartmoor this is no average wood; granite clitter (rocks) is scattered in clearings and the wood is surrounded by moorland heath”. As such I tried my best to Leave No Trace, using a camping spot that had very cleanly been previously occupied.

Unlike the previous occupants, I did not make a fire and damage the ground. And, I did not leave a dread fully disguised fire ring.


I really hope the people who caused this damage would watch this.

Then to the river to try collect some water and try out my new toy: a Sawyer Squeeze Mini water filter – a pure genius creation.


All set up, it was time for some food.


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