Walk Forest; walk!

Another month, another trip to Dartmoor. This time, the plan was for a circular walk, starting a Belstone and looping around the NE section of the moor.march_microadventure_mapAlong the river, heading south

Then it was time to wade the stream, before climbing Codsdon Hill to the beacon, well, pile of rocks, at the top.

IMG_8223 IMG_8224
IMG_8243 IMG_8244

Thence south via Hound Tor
IMG_8248 IMG_8250

Thence to Wild Tor and Watern Tor, or as I will here after refer to it, “Monkey Rocks” due to this wonderful creation. Can you see the monkey’s face in the middle pile of rocks?IMG_8260As the shadows lengthened, it was time to find a flat spot to stop for the night.IMG_8262

Just before it got properly dark I took a compass bearing to next morning’s destination, which proved to be a very good move, as early next morning, just as the sun was rising, there was no pretty maiden to be seen. But there was a lot of fog.


So it was time to walk on a compass bearing, which took me across Manga Hill to the ruins of Teignhead Farm and thence to the clapper bridge beside Fernworthy Forest.IMG_8269 IMG_8271

After walking across the moor yesterday, it was great to walk through the woods, on my way to a lakeside breakfast. Breakfast was the highly recommended mixture of muesli and instant hot chocolate powder, truly manna from heaven.

IMG_8275 IMG_8279

Time for a snooze.IMG_8285 Then over Stonetor Hill and more the clapper  over the North Teign River

IMG_8290 IMG_8292

Over Rippator back to the ford I crossed on day one, which proved super useful in cleaning my shoes.

IMG_8296 IMG_8297 IMG_8298

Nice clean shoes for the road back home.



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