The Summer Solstice sunset over Dartmoor

Back from work, changed, children fed and to bed. Me heading north.


Detour on the way and I am parked by just before eight. It’s time to head for the hills.


I followed the path round the back of the post office, alongside a field of very inquisitive cows, then through the gate to the open moor.


The wind was noticeably picking up and the sunshine from earlier had gone. Wall-to-wall, or should I say horizon-to-horizon white cloud so it might get damp later.


Up alongside the steam, just before nine, I saw a couple of tents camped up in a beautiful flat spot, but no sign of the occupants. They must either be out or having an early night.


I pressed on a little further, before stopping, quite hungry by now.


Getting set up took second, then it’s time for food. Lancashire hotpot boil in the bag. Not having used the beer can stove before, I fumbled around for a bit – it burns hot and runs out of fuel very quickly, but its simple and easy to use. It’s just a shame that the ground was not level, so I used some tent pegs to stabilise the pan.

It was getting very late be the time, I had made a post dinner coffee and was tucking into my After Eight, well, chocolate bar. At 10:30, it was still very, very bright; bright enough to see without a torch. Then the first big fat raindrops fell.


With dark clouds filling the sky, there was no chance of seeing the sun  set. It was time to hunker down in my bvi bag and wait until morning.


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