Got up and did some star-jumps and press-ups to warm up, then it’s time for a brew. Never being quick to come to my senses in the morning, . I don’t notice that the stove is on a tilt and as the pan started to warm up, I knock it over. “That was fortunate” I say rather loudly, but what else can I say? The chance of the brew out of the window as I only have a few mouthfuls of water left in my bottle. The last of the meths has gone. There is only one choice now. Time to head home.

I eat some snack and stuff my gear into my bag. Ten minutes later I am returning to the car.
An hour later, I get to Two Bridges where some Royal Marine NCOs had setup shop, they are expecting a group in from the end of an exercise within the new hour or so.

By 0600, I am on my way home, arriving just as the family are getting up.

It’s time for breakfast and the rest of the whole weekend is ahead of us.

Did I enjoy my first microadventure?

Most definitely. Can’t wait for the next.

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