Attack of the bleating sheep

I am lying there half awake. It is starting to get light and I can hear the bleating of a sheep. It is getting louder and louder and seems to be betting closer. I am in that blissful state of being half-awake; not wanting to move. Peeking out the top of my bivibag, I can see that  rain had died off a bit, but that there is still a light mizzle. Still no urge to get up, but that sheep is getting really loud and louder. I check my watch. It’s just after 4:30am.

Wide awake now and the sheep’s bleating is seriously loud. What on earth is going on?

I roll over and sit up, almost head butting the sheep that was sniffing the green slug-like creation it found lying on the floor. The sheep scarpers off into the distance and is quiet now, but I am side awake and there is no chance of getting back to sleep. It’s time to get up.

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